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What is your passion? You must be thinking that it’s yet another interview question, this time don’t go with your well fathomed and custom-tailored interview response. Just drop out of the interviewee’s shoes for the moment and answer.

If this question has driven out the ‘Think Tank’ in you it’s probably because you have comprehended the depth of it, instead of just scratching the surface.

Finding your passion can seem like a complete enigma to begin with. Peeling through the layers of obscurity, you might find yourself in the slump of a quandary at times.

Let’s try this exercise again. So let me rephrase the question which might be easier to answer because that’s how we are programmed to think.

What do you want to become? Yes, so that question might be in your ballpark to answer. Don’t just come up with the profession that sounds cool, the last thing you want to do in life is to cheat yourself.

Think about the work you like to do willingly, even if it’s not cool enough. Think about the things you are good at. You might be good at things naturally or you might have honed some skills to perfection, both will do.

The real challenge starts when we begin to wonder if the things we are good at are good enough, can we make it big through this skill set? Often at times, it might seem too trivial to even consider it as a means to an end.

What we lack here while having this discouraging thought is plain and simple; the lack of imagination to picture it on a bigger scale and that is partly due to the dearth of knowledge about the implications and the extent of opportunities in the field.

There is no concrete, tried and tested method for finding your passion. It’s more of a trial and error approach to the question rather than a simple algebraic equation for the problem. 

It might take a series of failures to finally land up on that one thing to hold on. It shouldn’t matter if others think it as insignificant because most of them might not even have a clue. They probably have an opinion because everybody else thinks the same.

The more things you try the better perspective you form. Exploring all the opportunities you might have will be a good start to finding your passion. Don’t limit yourself to a corner because that’s the mainstream way of living life. Everybody has a different balance, what’s good for them might not be the best fit for you and vice versa.

Being aware of your strength is a bigger deal than it seems; it gives you focus and confidence, the two things you’ll need the most if you don’t have a popular passion. Another important factor is to know your worth, if you are struggling to assess it, think about the value you are creating. The harsh truth here is if your passion doesn’t add value to the community, it won’t create a goldmine for you.

If you start to feel as if you are coming close to finding your passion, you’ll need to search for the people who have already ‘turned the tides’ and made it big. Seek inspiration from them because they are the ones who might have at a point experienced what it’s like being in your shoes, learn from their struggles.

Well, the above is a popular recipe but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it if it hasn’t been done already. Be the first to do it, do your thing and be the inspiration you were once seeking!

Sometimes your passion could be a visible gem and sometimes it might seem like a chunk of coal. For the latter, if you don’t work through you might never find the diamond.

“Patience with Passion is the key to making it large through Passion!”

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