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Building the Dream

Childhood is probably the most beautiful phase in a person’s life. The dream you had back then was nothing less than precious, not maligned even at the slightest by the experience of adulthood and untainted by the harsh reality of life.

Most of what we dream of is larger than life, many a times very cinematic. As we age further in life, we reflect back on our dreams and think of it as nothing more than just a characteristic of childhood.

What clouds our better judgment is fear and doubt, draining the inquisitiveness out of the soul training us to fit in what is thought to be as ideal and often suitable conservatively.

Are they really unachievable in the real world? And is it called a dream because it runs parallel to reality, never to meet even at infinite possibilities? I believe not.

 Why not? I would say because it’s not out of the world! If you come to think of it, it is shaped by the world that surrounds us and the world we believe will exist in the future.

“I believe that our dreams are a bridge between the world that we live in and the world we aspire to live in.”

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Making It Real

You are the architect of your dreams; if you want to make it monumental it needs an equivalent effort, determination and patience to see it come to life.

Dreaming is the easiest of it all. What’s hard is not giving up on it, not feeling low when you see your peers move ahead in their version of a better life. Not changing your goals because the alternative seems easier to obtain! If it gets harder, put on the hard work suit on and hustle!

Most important of it all is to believe, believing in your dreams! If you believe in it you’ll find a way to make it real. Talk to a billion people, you’ll hear about a billion possibilities and an equivalent proportion of dreams!

There are two kinds of people, when faced with failure in the pursuit of their dream, they have two different coping mechanisms. The first kind plays it safe and gives up when it’s getting hard. The second kind thinks of failure as a part of the path to success and they are the ones who make it happen. For them failures are the stepping stones to success, when you collect enough stones you’ll definitely carve out a ladder to climb on to victory.

Now let’s talk about the less spoken latent category of people, they just dream to escape the reality and enter an alternate universe where life is pleasant, they want the life but not the hustle required to make it happen. These are the people living in their comfort zone secretly wishing for something extraordinary to happen to them, they believe in chances and luck, sadly they never get lucky enough!   

Everyone has responsibilities; some of us inherit more than the others. It’s very natural to be so engrossed in our day to day life that we forget about the grander version of the life we want, often we priorities through the short term perspective.

What’s vital to the achievement of our goal is our judgment for a better future, being able to find the right balance between sacrifice and opportunity because you will at some point or the other need to sacrifice a day’s or a month’s pleasure for decades of prosperity.

The main challenge we face is keeping the dream alive! Keeping it alive in the face of adversity, sticking to the goal you made for yourself and not letting the curiosity die is the key to the accomplishment of your dream!

If you ever feel like giving up on it, always remember why you started out and what will it feel like when you finally make it real.

“I have a dream, said many. I am living the dream, said a few.”

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2 thoughts on “Keeping the Dream Alive!3 min read

  1. Loved your clarity of thought, immaculate expression and ability to inspire us at an age when all we dream of is to have a comfortable and relaxed life! Kudos to the effort and the spark you have! Way to go….

    Lots of Love…Masi.

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