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A combination of alphabets FOMO that stands for Fear of Missing Out

Understanding FOMO

How often do you see someone content with what they have and not complaining about missing out something or the other? Well, that’s a rare sighting if not ever. The Fear of Missing Out, this phrase is self-explanatory and doesn’t require a fancy nomenclature. It’s not the fear of heights or the fear of water or the fear of being in a confined space. It’s a fear of peers, it’s a fear of not being good enough, and it’s a fear of not living up to the expectations.

Unlike our other fears, the FOMO doesn’t have a point of trigger it is propelled by our lack of self-realization, the lack of self-love and the abundance of societal pressure. We started out the same how come I am still stuck in the same place? This is a common thought in the minds of people suffering from FOMO.

The Fear of Missing Out can be best explained as a feeling of anxiety that is often caused by the thought of missing out on something interesting like a happening event or anything of interest in general that other people might be enjoying. It instigates a feeling of being left out and not experiencing the best that could be out there. FOMO is linked to a feeling of discontent and has shown to cause mental health related issues due to high level of stress and anxiety.  

FOMO & Social Media

“This new generation is obsessed with looking successful instead of actually being successful.”

                                                                                                                  Kanye West

Unfortunately, what you just read above is the harsh truth, we are living in a world where perception matters more than reality, and people are obsessed with the great and successful even if that’s far from the truth that’s how they want to be perceived by others. What if I miss this, what if I miss that, what if you miss life thinking about all that you could miss?

This is the latest fear that’s been ruling our minds. Often exacerbated by social media, FOMO instills a deep sense of envy. Most of what people put out there is just temporary and not even real at times. Technology has made us more impulsive in situations. No patience has been trending because instant gratification is the norm in the market.

So, everybody’s social life is the best version of what they are going through. Keep yourself in that situation for a moment. What kind of posts do you like to put up on your social media handles? Only the best will be the mainstream response I assume because you are too worried you won’t hit the last benchmark of likes that you set earlier. Can people find out about your daily struggles looking at your social feed? Probably not, everyone has their own share of problems that you know nothing about; do you want to experience that too? It comes as a part of the parcel. 

Overcoming FOMO  

There are so many what-if moments in our life.  What if you don’t get the job that you’ve been looking for? Guess what, in a parallel universe you might have that job and it sucks! What if you miss the opportunity where your friends are succeeding at? How about your present role can offer you much more than that with just some dedication?

Your life = your goals = your hard work, why judge your life based on someone else’s achievement. Is it something that you wanted too? Then you have your inspiration, put in your hard work. Is your goal different from it? Then why bother? Do it your way and most importantly do your thing.

Take that first step, let it play see how it goes before hovering over to the next best thing in your mind. If you missed something that you could’ve pursued it’s your opportunity cost. There’s always a trade-off, life is all about making choices and sticking to it!

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