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The idea of writing a post around the core theme to begin with sounded a little ludicrous in my head, so here in my first blog post I would like to share the ‘WHY’ behind starting the blog and what motivates me to do what I’ll be doing.

Coming back to answering the question I’ve raised, ‘What motivates me?’ At the first instance I would say it is the ‘Freedom of Expression’, it’s much more powerful than it sounds and out-rightly integrating.

The idea of having a platform for my voice and my perspective was itself enough to get me started. The thought of connecting with ordinary people demonstrating extraordinary perspective on the world was too tempting to resist.

The question I asked myself was “What is the one thing that I can keep doing even for free?” Writing about anything is very intrinsically embedded in me and so there I had my answer. Well The Joker might disagree with the ‘doing it for free’ part. 😀

I would say if you like doing something then do it anyway, if not money then happiness is certainly guaranteed!

Another reason for me starting with the blog here is: “There are two sides to every coin and apparently in this three dimensional world where we live, there are many coins to every side you see and the sides vary on a great scale as well.”

The degree of subjectivity and interpretation is enormous. The question ‘what if forms the core of the subject, giving a plethora of insights into something seemingly normal or ordinary, again ‘what if’ that different take or angle might be valuable to someone who is eyeing it another way.

There is no wrong way but a wrong approach that might not help us to achieve what we specifically want to achieve.

Follow the link below to get a precise overview. http://www.thelatentpreview.com/about/

“Try doing something you want to do because even if you fail in the pursuit you can tell others what not to do” 
                                                                                                -Probably Me 

Two ways to look at the same image
What you see is what you get

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